Joe Howard, President and Chief Marketing Officer

led Covidien’s retail incontinence business over fourteen years to directly challenge Kimberly Clark. He introduced the first protective underwear to North America breaking existing paradigms and grew the entire business from a 22% to 38% share.

He led marketing for the entire absorbent products business at Covidien with sales approaching $1 billion. His leadership was instrumental during the acquisition of Paragon Baby Diapers. Joe was also critical in selling the Covidien Retail Group when Covidien decided to exit packaged goods products.

Most recently Joe was the marketing leader and member of the new management team at DeVilbiss Healthcare, a Vestar Capital company, brought in to turn around a hemorrhaging business.

He honed his marketing craft over ten years at HJ Heinz after earning an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, specializing in Marketing and Finance.

Don Sheldon, Chief Technology Officer

created and earned twenty-five patents, nineteen within absorbent products, and led technical teams that developed over 100 patents and twenty-three major product initiatives in absorbent products. He is also certified in Design for Six Sigma at the Black Belt level.

As the Vice President of Research & Development (Absorbent Products) at Covidien Healthcare for thirteen years, he led a staff of fifty-five that grew the incontinence, baby diaper, and feminine hygiene business from $110 million in 1995 to over $1 billion in 2008 through new and improved products covering North American retail, global, international, and clinical / hospital industry. Don’s experience in the absorbent product industry spans 40 years including time as R&D leader at both Kimberly-Clark and Johnson & Johnson.

Don is the former President & CEO of Handi-Crafters, a 400+ person $4 million non-profit which provides employment to mentally and physically impaired adults.

Bill Terenzoni, Chief Procurement Officer

was an executive board member for Tyco Electronics Medical Group and Covidien Healthcare. He has thirty-two years of supply chain experience in the absorbent product, medical, healthcare, foam, and custom engineering design industries. His experience includes leading procurement, materials, strategic sourcing, and logistic groups for multinational manufacturers. He led over $10 million in cost reductions at Foamex through innovative material reengineering.

Bill was a member of multiple acquisition teams for American NuKEM, Tyco Electronics and Covidien Retail Group.



The founders of Advanced Absorbent Technologies, LLC grew sales and profits at Covidien Retail Group by leading technological innovation. This team was responsible for many absorbent products design changes that continue to thrive. Among these were:


Introduced the first absorbent underwear to the United States

Created first cup shaped male guard

Led the way for compressed packaging

Created high count packages for briefs and underwear

Added bariatric sizes for heavy incontinence items

Infant Care

Developed the first pulpless cores utilizing cellulose acetate and super absorbent particles; Vision Award Finalist (2005)

Vision Award Winner for elastic swim pant design (2007)

While the absorbent product market continues to make incremental improvements, there is a lack of paradigm shifting innovation that leads to significant advances in consumer satisfaction. AAT fills this void to lead bold and novel breakthroughs to better meet consumer and retailer needs.