Advanced Absorbent Technologies, LLC (AAT) brings cutting edge absorbent materials and designs to the personal care disposable products category and other markets. AAT introduces finished goods that add consumer value through enhanced features and exceptional performance. AAT breaks paradigms, when necessary, and is beneficial for end users and manufacturers.


Utilize the highest ethical standards and an intense focus to meet consumer and retailer needs while implementing the best available practices, materials, processes, and manufacturing capabilities.

Operational Structure

AAT keeps its overhead low by maintaining a lean organization to limit costs and foster speedy decisions. This includes utilizing contract manufacturing, third party logistic providers, and a broker network. AAT also forges strong relationships with innovative raw material suppliers.


Strengths and Core Competencies

The keys to AAT’s success are product innovation, speed to market, and flexibility. This management team has a proven track record in these areas and starts with key patent pending technologies. They create paradigm shifts in the personal care absorbent product industry and vigorously pursue continuous innovation.